Friday, October 8, 2010

There's Such Thing As Too Much Truth

tempslave stresstwig    so how does one keep a fulfilling life outside of work?
I'm struggling with what seems like should be a simple problem
Big Jim S.    sweet sweet alcohol
spruce    how do you mean, stress?
tempslave stresstwig    how does one keep from coming home from work exhausted and then doing nothing of value, only to wake up and do it all again
Big Jim S.    oh that?dunno
spruce    yeah, that's... I'm not sure how to put this gently
Big Jim S.    we call nights like that "weeknights"
Cyrano    working for the weekend, baby.
spruce    it's probably the worst part of living the average life in the western world
and it can be fucking depressing
tempslave stresstwig    i figured as muchDignan    Spruce, that's why we escape into video games.
Cyrano    true dat.
or books, or movies, or spank bank collections of ex-girlfriend's photos culled from Facebook...

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