Friday, October 8, 2010

How Rent Control Got Started

stresstwig: looks like the landlady is coming by with potential tenants
stresstwig: fun times.
Katya: is that good or bad
stresstwig: i don't really care
stresstwig: just have to stand there and watch them walk around my apartment
Katya: point to the corner and announce proudly: "THAT'S WHERE I POOP!"
Katya: occasionally laugh at nothingKatya: or pace non stop muttering " don't show them the oven, don't show them the oven, don't show them the oven"
liquidindian: Just lay naked in a foetal ball.
bigjimslade: do you have a whetstone and something large you can slowly sharpen as they walk around?
Katya: what you need right now is a huge playpen or crib
bigjimslade: *SSSHHHHHHHHKKKK* "Yup. It's a nice place.... *SSSHHHHHHHKKK* Hardly any trouble, good soundproofin'"
Niteowl: be utterly jovial, super personable, then when they get to the closet, freak, and say'OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON" TLOOK IN THERE, NOT IN THERE!!" and scream a high keening note for a minuteNiteowl: when you calm down, mutter something about 'oh, just unironed cardigans'

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