Saturday, March 20, 2010


JDHarper: why use a sign off at all? I just use a dash
trichydepterous: I picked up "Good morning x," or "Good afternoon x," from my boss a decade ago and I love it, because it is completely neutral
moongle: where did i put that ascii middle finger ...
liquidindian: Actually, when emails get friendlier, I switch to 'cheers'
trichydepterous: my theory was that it is okay because people say "Thanks" as a shortening of "Thank you"
moongle: cheers? makes you sound british or something
trichydepterous: and why wouldn't you want to sound british?
JDHarper: how about "I said GOOD DAY."
liquidindian: 'Thank you much' doesn't sound right without the 'very'.
liquidindian: I'd think:
moongle: guvnah
liquidindian: Why is he leaving out the 'very'?
trichydepterous: okay, fine.. I'll switch to "Thanks a load,"
JDHarper: Or "The End."
Cyrano: just say "Toodles" and be done with it.
moongle: thanks a load wins
liquidindian: 'Thanks a fucking bunch, mate"
Katya: onc eand a while i'll use "I tolerate you only because I have to"
moongle: Insincerely, Tony
trichydepterous: heehee
trichydepterous: "This message will self-destruct"
liquidindian: "Catch you on the flip-side"
moongle: ->insert heartless signoff here<- , Tony
Katya: "Please die"
trichydepterous: "L8R,"
JDHarper: "See you in another life, brother"
liquidindian: "Smooches,"
trichydepterous: "LOL SIKE,"
moongle: ha
Cyrano: "I nailed you sister"
moongle: ps and ur mom

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