Monday, September 28, 2009

Traditional Dress

betaray: My dad did some business in saudi right before 9/11
betaray: and he bought some traditional dress
betaray: so he doesn't have the guts to wear it, but I went ahead and did it because we had it
betaray: I didn't realize how many Bin Ladin's there would be
ralph: not in ny.
ralph: until the gay parade
ralph: which would probably have forced a mass qaeda suicide
betaray: I'm all trying to take the moral high ground and just say, "No, I'm just an Arab guy" when people ask if I'm a terrorist
betaray: then in comes some idiot with a towel on his head saying he's various racial epithets
niteowl: "I'm the guy who invented chess and rational numbers"
niteowl: "I'm the guy who preserved ancient academia from you barbarians and the Dark Ages"
betaray: although, they don't make a head thing big enough for giant pumpkin heads
betaray: I had a hard time keeping my scarf on
ralph: they constantly fuss with them
ralph: like travolta in Grease fixing his hair
ralph: adjusting the crease, etc
betaray: well, maybe I was more authentic than I knew

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