Monday, September 28, 2009

Pic Of Owl At Posh Restaurant

niteowl: last shot is me looking REALLY out of element
ralph: where is your polite canadian weekend blazer?
ralph: dammit you're out of uniform!
niteowl: completely
niteowl: my ponytail + asianness (not ENOUGH asian) have already betrayed me, why bother with the blazer
ralph: nah if you got fussy about tea they'd back off and assume hong kong landed gentry
niteowl: not ENOUGH asian
niteowl: HK landed gentry are really fucking abrupt, dismissive, bordering on arrogant, aloft in their own cloud of superiority
ralph: right. they also look kinda western because of a diet of clotted cream and scones fedexed from harrods
ralph: also, the bind their feet
ralph: wait.
niteowl: i think you're thinking of Indian landed gentry
betaray: that's quite a watch you've got there, full scientific calculator on that bad boy?
niteowl: that's a hardcore 10 dollar special from one of those sad, sad kiosks in the mall, manned by some former office drone who sunk 10k into what he thought was a chance to 'be his own boss' and 'harness his entrepereneurial spirit'.
niteowl: Accounts Receivables type people should never buy the first opportunity they find at the Franchise Fair 2009!!!

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