Friday, August 28, 2009

WTF Guiness

Katya: what the fuck guinness.
Katya: "Further establishing the Guinness World Records as an excellent marketing tool, Guinness has bestowed upon Batman: Arkham Asylum the record of the ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever'."
spruce: what the hell?
spruce: It's #15 on MetaCritic's 360 list
spruce: for all-time scores
spruce: #11 for PS3
Katya: most acclaimed SUPERHERO game
spruce: oh missed that bit
spruce: well who gives a shit?
Katya: most acclaimed superhero game with batman that uses a next gen system
spruce: I'm sure, but 'superhero' is barely a genre when it comes to video games.
spruce: The protagonist from BioShock could be a superhero
Katya: licensed superhero
Niteowl: licensed superhero who previously was in a rebooted movie which was part of a multi-million dollar franchies and has had McDonald's Tie-ins
cheesoning: I'm the most prolific cookie eater in my cubicle row. I'm calling guiness.
cheesoning: in fairness, it's easy to shine - I'm surrounded by posers. Sure, they say they like cookies, but when it comes time to do battle, they stop at 2 or 3.
Katya: i've slept a lot than anyone else living in my apartment
spruce: I think I'm going to defer to Ripley's Believe It or Not from now on, regarding all my obscure record-checking needs.
cheesoning: not.
cheesoning: (I don't believe it.)
spruce: the you're a fool, sir, a blinkered fool who has had the wool pulled over his eyes by some Irish drunkards.

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