Thursday, August 20, 2009

Virtual Education

gordonfrohman: I'd have my class held in a pubbie CS match
stresstwig: hahahaha
stresstwig: without deadtalk
Niteowl: highest drop out rate of the entire Lower Askekooga COmmunity College and Beautician University
stresstwig: susan sontag? more like susan sonTOWNED
gordonfrohman: I think that's awesome. I want to go in and get a free education and maybe throw giant cocks at them
bigjimslade: that'
Faux Real: yeah the class is called "Oceanic biometrics and exploitation"
bigjimslade: yeah I want to make an avatar with a cavernous vagina and have people pop out of it in the middle of class
gordonfrohman: no, wow would be "Your assignment is to get 12 tattered boar hocks"
bigjimslade: it's not even a tech class?
Faux Real: it runs an "ocean sim"
gordonfrohman: and if you get an A, you're awarded a slightly better pair of trousers
Faux Real: yay college!
bigjimslade: Your reputation with the TA faction has improved!

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