Monday, August 24, 2009

Richard Dawson

Cyrano: Keep it in the fridge.
Niteowl: ok, the last bit, what?
Cyrano: 100 People surveyed, top five answers are on the board, here's the question...
Cyrano: "Name something that you might keep a sample of in the fridge..."
Niteowl: sperm
Cyrano: there ya go.
Niteowl: hooker
Niteowl: rare but tasty eastern mongolian fresh water cetacean
Niteowl: hooker sperm
Niteowl: clean urine
Cyrano: Sarin
Niteowl: did i get them all?
Cyrano: Yes, but this isn't the 70's Family Feud so you're not getting any tounge.
Niteowl: fuck
Niteowl: all that book larning for nuthin

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