Thursday, August 20, 2009


Niteowl: it's the decompressing that takes an age
Katya: but everything is downloading
Katya: yeah there has to be some information
stresstwig: maybe put in a dancing baby
stresstwig: that windmills while it is going
stresstwig: and then stands up and puts on shades when it is finished
Niteowl: uhh
Niteowl: ohhhkay?
Katya: or a poppin' and lockin' lincoln
Katya: who gets shot in the head when it's done
Niteowl: TOO SOON Katya
stresstwig: can you have it phone my mom?
stresstwig: she might want to know
Katya: maybe have it make a post to boing boing, I'm sure Cory would be interested
stresstwig: maybe have it make a "***** is a movie you should see" thread
Katya: can it write postal notes in case you are out on vacation?
Niteowl: you guys are the worst QA EVER
stresstwig: "I liked the part where it downloaded maps"
Katya: "it was in english"
stresstwig: "it wasn't a lindsay lohan movie"
stresstwig: "Niteowl is kind of an endearing name, though mispelled"
Katya: adding some A1 steak sauce made it taste even better
Katya: "not nearly as gay as its author"

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