Monday, August 24, 2009

Literature, Scars

gordonfrohman: was that the one about the house on Long Island?
gordonfrohman: or something
ralph: yeah, preppy fuckwad narrates--mafioso moves in next door
gordonfrohman: right
ralph: mainly notable for the preppy being funny
ralph: and the wasp stuff being dead-on accurate
gordonfrohman: was he not a gifted cocksman as well
Niteowl: you waited years to use that line, didn't you?
gordonfrohman: so sad that I read so many books and have virtually no memory of them
Niteowl: or maybe you haven't read anything and spend all night gaming
gordonfrohman: but I think I recall a sentence like "I lay there and let her have 190 orgasms while riding my amazing dick" or some such
gordonfrohman: he classed it up a bit, though
ralph: that's de mille talking, you can tell he's about as good a guy as Orson Scott Card
Katya: so who else saw inglorious basterds other than me this weekend
Niteowl: smooth segue
Katya: sorry i don't pay attention to anything you say niteowl
Niteowl: that's gonna leave a mark
Katya: im kidding of course
Katya: :)
Niteowl: too late, you just made some therapist in North Vancouver very rich, Katya
Katya: im getting a cut

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