Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Itchy is tired.

Cyrano: Just got an email that we've had a confirmed case of swine flu at work. EVERYBODY PANIC!!1
Cyrano: so much for my Safe If I Don't Go Outside plan.
gordonfrohman: drop the pig you're kissing and wash your balls off
Katya: but then i'd fall
Katya: burrned myself
itchy: what
Katya: if he dropped the pig i'd fall
gordonfrohman: because you're sitting on the pig? I don't follow.
itchy: why are you on a pig?
itchy: are you also fucking the pig?
itchy: koo koo ka choo
bigjimslade: hm I wish I had known
bigjimslade: I could have killed you and had tasty bacon
itchy: hooker bacon is much tastier
itchy: just ask cyrano
itchy: it's much leaner than leading brands
itchy: coder bacon is too fatty imo
itchy: that settles it, i'm officially fucking sleep deprived ... i don't even know what i'm yammering on about


bigjimslade: I'm going to read the Free Republic threads about Kennedy
bigjimslade: ugh
bigjimslade: I will persevere though
spruce: why would you subject yourself to that, jim?
spruce: are you powered by rage and despair?
itchy: i'm powered by rage and eclairs
itchy: boston creme donuts really
itchy: sorry spruce, didn't mean to make you think about donuts
* itchy cackles
itchy: crap, now i want a donut
itchy: and a beer to wash it down
itchy: and a pillow

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