Friday, August 28, 2009


betaray: it's a firmware that doesn't suck for wireless routers
Niteowl: thanks betaray
Niteowl: i also support any linux based firmware where the main dev's alias is BrainSlayer
Niteowl: how do i , uh, install it?
chrisd: don't you have a distro installing hammer? DUH
spruce: firmware clamps
spruce: router forceps
Katya: off to get snow leopard
Katya: and get some lunch
spruce: dining on snow leopard. She lives a decadent life
chrisd: that's terrible, titter, you should be ashamed
bigjimslade: I hope it's a baby snow leaopard. They are by far the tastiest
bigjimslade: and I didn't know she had a Mac
Niteowl: a big mac baby snow leopard? now yer in flavour country

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