Thursday, August 20, 2009

But She Does NOT Do Windows

gordonfrohman: kat, you should apply to be Bradsucks' assistant
Katya: ha huh?
Katya: is he asking for one?
Katya: a girl friday?
gordonfrohman: yeah
gordonfrohman: being a frenetic ball of perpetual motion not required but helpful
Katya: huh
Katya: that could be interesting
Katya: though not sure its the best idea ;)
gordonfrohman: should do it!
gordonfrohman: why not
gordonfrohman: it's probably just sending e-mails, and you're on the computer all day, and making phone calls, and you never shut up anyway
gordonfrohman: could be perfect!
Katya: and i have a vag
gordonfrohman: plus maybe smoking his bone
Katya: also smoking his bone

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